Want to write for Wisdom Fishing?

We’re looking for content, and we’re not picky about stuff like subject matter, style or point of view, as long as the article:

  • Grabs North American men who are 50+ by their collars and makes them pay attention. Your subject could be the all-time favourite (sex) or any number of other things: see Categories on our home page. No topic is verboten as long as you treat it skillfully and tastefully (and there’s a bit of latitude there).
  • Has a point of view. Argues it effectively. Extra points for well-crafted curmudgeonliness.
  • Doesn’t ramble. Long articles are okay if they hold up til the end. But briefer is better. Aim for 500-800 words. But don’t be afraid to go lower or higher if you have a good reason to. Even a 100-word item (a mini-book-review, perhaps) has a place in our world.

You’re not a 50+ male? No worries. We want to hear from women (of all ages) and younger guys, too. We’re not navel-gazers at WisdomFishing; we want writers who can hold up mirrors and force us to look at ourselves.

You’re not a writer? No matter: neither are we, really. WisdomFishing is run by a gang of four: two lawyers (retired), a former corporate communications type (semi retired) and a retired journalist who spent his career editing (that would be making written stuff better, not originating it.). Just put down your thoughts as if you were talking to a friend.

We aim to be amusing, irreverent, pithy and serious . . . whatever mood fits the topic. Esquire magazine is a good model. We’ll talk about the aging process and the health issues it involves, but we’re not going to be a forum for old guys and their complaints. Rather, we want to celebrate the positive: our active intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual lives.

Got something to say? A tale to tell? Give it a go. We can’t promise to immortalize you in cyberspace, but we’ll read whatever you send in with a view to getting it into the magazine. And if we have to say no we’ll be very nice about it. Just bounce the idea off us first, so we can avoid duplicated effort.

Here’s the fine print: We do not charge for subscriptions. We will have no ads — at least for now. That means we have no money. You know what comes next: We can’t pay you (we have that in common with many other online magazines). We’ll revisit this policy from time to time, but for now, we hope you’ll be so keen to talk to our readers about the things that bring out your passion that you’ll send us your stuff. Just unlock your imagination and take it out for a ride.

To learn more, please contact us.