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Out of the comfort zone and into the richness

By BOB FOULKES Regardless of how worldly I think I am, I’m confronted with the fact that I’m not. There are two constraints in my life. The first is that, as I age, I suffer from what my friend calls a hardening of the attitudes. It concerns me. The second is equally alarming: I Iive... read more

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Scholars in the sporting world

New York Yankee great Yogi Berra once said, “If you come to a fork in the road, take it. ” And a lot of other stuff like that. He wasn’t alone in his world. Chicago Cubs outfielder Andre Dawson (left) on being a role model:  “I wan’ all dem kids to do what I do, to look up... read more

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Zealots of the Imperium

By BOB FOULKES I read an interesting book over the holidays, Imperium by Ryszard Kapuscinski (1932-2007), a controversial Polish writer who chronicled big political events around the world for decades. He was a journalist, a poet, a philosopher and a keen observer of the uses and abuses of power. Imperium, probably his most famous book,... read more

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Wisdom Fishing’s map of North America

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Rudeness on the rise: Where’s it coming from, and how can we deal with it?

  By BOB FOULKES Is it just me, or are there more rude people in the world today? I went to an afternoon movie on Saturday; we arrived early to get good seats. By the time the trailers started, the theatre was about one-third full. Sitting behind us and slightly to the right were three... read more

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The quicksilver of democracy

Monitoring an election in Ukraine opens a Canadian’s eyes By BOB FOULKES A few weeks ago, two things happened to me independent of one another. I finally tracked down a book that I had been looking for and I went off to Ukraine for my second electoral observation mission. The book is called From Dictatorship... read more

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The road to Davey’s Bar

By BOB McCASKILL Witnessed another “retirement” discussion the other day. Two surgeons this time: cardiac and vascular. One a recent retiree, one not ready. Highly specialized careers, but same old clichés — “Should have done this years ago.” vs. “Can’t afford it yet.” There is a lot of demand for these guys, but they too... read more

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Scalping: Who’s the chump?

 By BOB FOULKES I’m not a passionate fan of NFL football, but Sunday afternoons in the fall seem to be defined by a lazy afternoon with the New York Times and the early and late games on TV. Sunday and Monday evenings are good too. And a game seems to be showing up on Thursday... read more

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Ads you’ll never see again

Ever long for the old days when life was simpler? From the era of Mad Men, here are a few reasons why you might not want to go back even if you could. Extra points if you can name the gay puppets in the first picture.     read more

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Get out there and delay that gratification. You’ll be happy you did

  By BOB FOULKES There is an old saying that “once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, and three times is a pattern.” I observed three events this summer that happened so close together that I see a pattern emerging. Three people close to me voluntarily spent long periods of time, committed significant effort... read more