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Free download: Adventures with Knives

Chapter 23: Elvis Has Left the Building a Changed Man Life always delivers what I call unintended consequences. We start out doing something with a set of expectations about what will happen and where we’ll end up, and, along the way, strange things happen. If our expectations are met, it’s usually merely a coincidence. The... read more

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Adventures with Knives – free download

Adventures with Knives Introduction A Taste for Adventure Every adventure has a high and a low – if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be an adventure. The low point of an adventure, the black hole, is dark and scary. You feel alone, and you want to go home. Something you ate has caused you to fear... read more

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The road to Davey’s Bar

By BOB McCASKILL Witnessed another “retirement” discussion the other day. Two surgeons this time: cardiac and vascular. One a recent retiree, one not ready. Highly specialized careers, but same old clichés — “Should have done this years ago.” vs. “Can’t afford it yet.” There is a lot of demand for these guys, but they too... read more

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You can plan your happiness — and it’s simple

  By BOB FOULKES I see my future whenever I drop into my local coffee shop: A man my age is there almost every time drinking coffee and doing the crossword in the local paper. We nod to each other. I’ve built a story about him, all conjecture, no verifiable evidence. The myth is this: ... read more

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Yes, it’s a pink shirt. You got a problem with that?

By BOB FOULKES I picked up  my favorite pink shirt in Palm Springs at a Saks Fifth off Fifth store. It was such a deal, I got two. It is a classic, well-tailored man’s dress shirt,  bright pink. No mistaking the colour. I added them to the Hathaway dress shirt and a button-down collar model... read more

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The curious alchemy of creativity

  By BOB FOULKES My son and I were recently invited to attend a table read for an episode of The Simpsons, the iconic, first-ever animated, prime-time television series that follows the fortunes and follies of the Simpson family. The Simpsons has redefined television success. Launched in 1989, it is the longest running series ever... read more

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Gen X, Gen Y vs. Gen Mine

By BOB FOULKES At some point in our lives, we became the old farts. Once we were the bright-eyed radicals who were going to make the world a better place; now we’re the dinosaurs who took the world to the edge of the abyss. We went from hip to hip replacement. Our children, fondly named... read more

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Make your workplace age-friendly

By BOB FOULKES As we age we need to adjust, and nowhere is the need more apparent than at the office. It’s about survival. Survival is about being smart, adapting, maintaining productivity and not being cut from the team. If you have to work, survival is imperative; if you want to work, adapting will make... read more


Wisdom, work and your future

By QUANTUM MERUIT Better health, increasing freedom, higher costs of housing, health care and for some of college, the scaling back of pensions and the uncertain future of social security, changing definitions of family responsibility and expectations, poor saving habits, lifting restrictions on age and retirement rules, fewer jobs and more independent contracting (we could... read more

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Thinking about running for office?

You want to serve your country (or province or state or city), but you’ve read about the sacrifices involved — to your personal and family life and possibly your income. But those are only some of the issues. Take a deep breath, ask yourself why you want to do this and follow our handy chart.... read more