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Motorcycles: Get your motor runnin’

Took a look down a west bound road, Right away I made my choice; Headed out to my big two wheeler- I was tired of my own voice. Took a bead on the Northern plains And just rolled that power on… Bob Seger, Roll Me Away  By JOHN SKINNER The bear was scrawny and probably... read more

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Get your head into this

Just when you thought there were no new ideas for motorcycle helmets (well, you did, didn’t you?) along comes free enterprise and creates a need where none existed. We especially like the, er, bottom one.   read more

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Riding shotgun

  By BOB FOULKES There comes a time for every guy to  — literally and metaphorically — put his son in the driver’s seat. I love road trips. Men in a car, a full tank of gas, the open road, driving music, roadside diners, no eye contact and no schedule. It is a formula celebrated... read more