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10 keys to a great adventure

By BOB FOULKES I got hooked on adventure during an eight-day Outward Bound trek in the wilds of British Columbia north of Whistler. Since then I have completed a 77-km struggle along the Westcoast Trail on Vancouver Island, the 53-kilometre Chilkoot Trail in B.C., made famous by the Klondike Gold rush, and the 154-kilometre West... read more

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Labrador stakes its claim

By BOB FOULKES In the mid 1970s, when I was 25, I had a dream job: executive assistant to Judd Buchanan, Canada’s Minister of Indian and Northern affairs. He was responsible for Canada’s national parks, the territories north of the 60th parallel and the many duties prescribed by the Indian Affairs Act and other issues relating... read more

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Riding shotgun

  By BOB FOULKES There comes a time for every guy to  — literally and metaphorically — put his son in the driver’s seat. I love road trips. Men in a car, a full tank of gas, the open road, driving music, roadside diners, no eye contact and no schedule. It is a formula celebrated... read more

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How to get a great watch cheap

By JOHN BECHTOLD In a world increasingly populated by iPhones, iPads and the like,  those allegedly in the know predict that the wristwatch has run out of time, destined for the trash heap of history. They underestimate the stubborn endurance of male vanity and the lifelessness of an unadorned wrist. I have a fatal attraction... read more

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Don’t miss Lyon

By BOB FOULKES Last year, I rewarded myself for surviving the Tour de Mont Blanc, with a few days of R&R in Lyon. It was an apt choice, offering gastronomic indulgence and do-nothing hedonism after a tough eight day trek in the Alps. Lyon is France’s third largest city and has a reputation for gastronomy;... read more

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A calm oasis in a desert of turmoil

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.” — Mark Twain By BOB FOULKES My latest adventure came at what is now recognized as a historically tumultuous time in the Middle East, when Islamic totalitarian regimes were falling like trailer parks in a tornado. When we leave for Morocco, the regimes in Tunisia and Egypt... read more


It’s a grand Grand Canyon

By BOB FOULKES The Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders of the world on most people’s lists, not least for the reason that it’s been daring people to do strange things for hundreds of years. In 1540 a reconnaissance under the command of Garcia Lopez de Cardenas, a subordinate of Francisco Vasquez de... read more