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Barbecue this, hotshot

Think you’re a grilling gorilla with your dinky little store-bought Weber? Well, man-up. Get out your tools and build yourself a real guy’s grill. read more

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Championing spark plugs

  By BOB McCASKILL Hands up if you know someone who has recently acquired a made-to-measure road bike. There is a lot of that going around. This is not about that. This is about old-school, carbon-footprint-insensitive, internal-combustion satisfaction. Quality of life requires attention to be paid to the state of important matters such as relationships,... read more

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Not a handyman? Here’s how to fake it

By AL WIGGAN I’ve always had a little pang of envy when I go past the coffee shop in the morning and see the parking lot filled with construction guys’ pickup trucks. Even in the winter they sit around the outdoor picnic tables and lean against their vehicles in easy conversation, steam rising from the... read more

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Revive your rock-star dream for under $2,000

By JEFF SKINNER Retiring soon? Or maybe you’re already there? After finance, the biggest issue people in face in retirement is what to do with all that new free time. If you’re like most retirees of my Dad’s generation you’ll read the paper, play golf and spend the rest of the day hanging around the... read more

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Listen up: Get over yourself

By BOB FOULKES Getting old is not for the weak, the fearful and the timid. Here’s one of the many reasons. I have had a hearing problem for a long time. Like everything at our age, it is gradual and progressive — nice talk for ‘it only gets worse’. It has become a big challenge... read more

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Building that metaphysical interface: a dockumentary

By BOB McCASKILL If you live on a waterfront property, you must have a dock. The pleasures of swimming, boating, fishing, sunsets, and cocktails are all enhanced by a dock. But a dock is more than a useful platform. A dock is both a practical and metaphysical interface between the land and the water, fresh... read more

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Ammo, amas, amat: A liberal loves guns

My Big Plans for SHTF Day, Or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Glock Model 17 Nine-Millimetre Semi-Automatic with Trijicon Night Sights, Maritime Spring Cups and a Wolff Competition Trigger Kit. By CONTRARIAN I have an office downtown in a major Canadian city. I have a few eclectic items strung around it... read more

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Your BlackBerry is making you dumber

By JOHN SWIFT These things are amazing. They have certainly changed the way that I live and work. Having so much information at my fingertips always and everywhere and having the ability to find out more things on the fly is proving to be a fantastic facilitator. I like to think that one of the... read more

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The iPod is more than you think it is

  BY JOHN SWIFT Τhe iPod is many things. A marvel of design and of engineering. For the entertainment industry  a commercial and continuing earthquake. A game- and habit-hanging bundle of inventions. A portable private universe and  cocoon and, finally, at once a portal for and a symbol of the digitization of life. One day... read more


A dramatic look into the future

Every once in a while we get a glimpse at what lies ahead. Sometimes we encounter a prototype. Sometimes a friend or colleague shows us a new state-of-the-art product. Occasionally you may meet someone doing something in a new way. Many of us are old enough that we can remember when people started to send... read more