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Yes, it’s a pink shirt. You got a problem with that?

By BOB FOULKES I picked up  my favorite pink shirt in Palm Springs at a Saks Fifth off Fifth store. It was such a deal, I got two. It is a classic, well-tailored man’s dress shirt,  bright pink. No mistaking the colour. I added them to the Hathaway dress shirt and a button-down collar model... read more

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Barbecue this, hotshot

Think you’re a grilling gorilla with your dinky little store-bought Weber? Well, man-up. Get out your tools and build yourself a real guy’s grill. read more

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Fishing wisdom, or: ‘Would it be possible to get a little crisp bacon and Drambuie on my oatmeal porridge?’

  By AL WIGGAN For those who have been introduced to this breakfast delight, it wouldn’t seem out of place asking such a question of a waiter in a five-star hotel in Cape Town or Edinburgh, but it did open the bleary eyes of my 6 a.m. companions at Peregrine Fishing Lodge in one of... read more

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Championing spark plugs

  By BOB McCASKILL Hands up if you know someone who has recently acquired a made-to-measure road bike. There is a lot of that going around. This is not about that. This is about old-school, carbon-footprint-insensitive, internal-combustion satisfaction. Quality of life requires attention to be paid to the state of important matters such as relationships,... read more

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Not a handyman? Here’s how to fake it

By AL WIGGAN I’ve always had a little pang of envy when I go past the coffee shop in the morning and see the parking lot filled with construction guys’ pickup trucks. Even in the winter they sit around the outdoor picnic tables and lean against their vehicles in easy conversation, steam rising from the... read more

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Get your head into this

Just when you thought there were no new ideas for motorcycle helmets (well, you did, didn’t you?) along comes free enterprise and creates a need where none existed. We especially like the, er, bottom one.   read more

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Make your workplace age-friendly

By BOB FOULKES As we age we need to adjust, and nowhere is the need more apparent than at the office. It’s about survival. Survival is about being smart, adapting, maintaining productivity and not being cut from the team. If you have to work, survival is imperative; if you want to work, adapting will make... read more

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How to get a great watch cheap

By JOHN BECHTOLD In a world increasingly populated by iPhones, iPads and the like,  those allegedly in the know predict that the wristwatch has run out of time, destined for the trash heap of history. They underestimate the stubborn endurance of male vanity and the lifelessness of an unadorned wrist. I have a fatal attraction... read more

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Revive your rock-star dream for under $2,000

By JEFF SKINNER Retiring soon? Or maybe you’re already there? After finance, the biggest issue people in face in retirement is what to do with all that new free time. If you’re like most retirees of my Dad’s generation you’ll read the paper, play golf and spend the rest of the day hanging around the... read more

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Why I collect things

By DAVID BOND My wife and I have come to that point where 335 square metres (3,600 square feet for the older folks) is proving too much to handle. But downsizing means getting rid of stuff, and that is where my habit of collecting things comes into conflict with practicality. During my working career I... read more