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One half of the human race

By CONTRARIAN I remember my response when a friend asked whether I would be running the full marathon, or the half. “Halfs are for girls”, I said. I don’t really believe that, of course. The 21-kilometre half is probably my favourite distance: long enough to be challenging, short enough to run it fast. I mean,... read more

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Why I collect things

By DAVID BOND My wife and I have come to that point where 335 square metres (3,600 square feet for the older folks) is proving too much to handle. But downsizing means getting rid of stuff, and that is where my habit of collecting things comes into conflict with practicality. During my working career I... read more

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Ammo, amas, amat: A liberal loves guns

My Big Plans for SHTF Day, Or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Glock Model 17 Nine-Millimetre Semi-Automatic with Trijicon Night Sights, Maritime Spring Cups and a Wolff Competition Trigger Kit. By CONTRARIAN I have an office downtown in a major Canadian city. I have a few eclectic items strung around it... read more