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He thought, she thought

Something about sex and this time of year just did not seem to work well together. Not in the mood? Unlikely – but this time of year seems to be a time of year to reflect on other things. So we have two features for you; little off topic, maybe, but we hope you’ll enjoy both.... read more

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How to appeal to women

By BRIDGETTE BOISVERT* We were talking about The editor, whose wife is a good friend (not too sure about him), said , “So Bridgette why not write a few words to the wise about how men over 50 should deal with women.” Why not? I thought. If I can help… So, gentlemen, this column... read more



So what do you expect? What does she expect? 50 years of disruption in the norms embodied in our attitudes toward women and concerning our intimate relationships with them have left a legacy of chaos. Most of us are old enough to remember times of consensus when there were widely acknowledged rules for dating and... read more


Tennis, anyone?

Sometimes all you can do is laugh. Good news! From By JENNY HOPE Having an active sex life in their 50s could protect men against prostate cancer, say researchers. But greater levels of sexual activity among men in their 20s could increase their chances of developing the disease in later life, they warn. (Now... read more