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Scalping: Who’s the chump?

 By BOB FOULKES I’m not a passionate fan of NFL football, but Sunday afternoons in the fall seem to be defined by a lazy afternoon with the New York Times and the early and late games on TV. Sunday and Monday evenings are good too. And a game seems to be showing up on Thursday... read more

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The curious alchemy of creativity

  By BOB FOULKES My son and I were recently invited to attend a table read for an episode of The Simpsons, the iconic, first-ever animated, prime-time television series that follows the fortunes and follies of the Simpson family. The Simpsons has redefined television success. Launched in 1989, it is the longest running series ever... read more

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Gen X, Gen Y vs. Gen Mine

By BOB FOULKES At some point in our lives, we became the old farts. Once we were the bright-eyed radicals who were going to make the world a better place; now we’re the dinosaurs who took the world to the edge of the abyss. We went from hip to hip replacement. Our children, fondly named... read more

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Why I collect things

By DAVID BOND My wife and I have come to that point where 335 square metres (3,600 square feet for the older folks) is proving too much to handle. But downsizing means getting rid of stuff, and that is where my habit of collecting things comes into conflict with practicality. During my working career I... read more

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Great ways to keep an eye on your money

By JOHN SWIFT Personal finances are like losing weight. You don’t get to cheat on the basics. As just as any weight control program tells you to weigh yourself every day, you have to keep track of your cash. Think about what you spend in a week … now recalculate honestly and include everything. Where... read more

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Paying for fishing

WisdomFishing is going to take a regular look into the future, at the delicate subject of money. How do we pay for our fishing? We will have contributions from guest experts, books to review and suggestions to make about simple but profound approaches to personal finance. The orientation of these comments will be advice for... read more