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Make your workplace age-friendly

By BOB FOULKES As we age we need to adjust, and nowhere is the need more apparent than at the office. It’s about survival. Survival is about being smart, adapting, maintaining productivity and not being cut from the team. If you have to work, survival is imperative; if you want to work, adapting will make... read more

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Youthful advice

By BOB FOULKES The promise is brazenly broadcast across the canary yellow book in bold black letters’ you can’t miss it on the bookstore shelf. How could I ignore such a promise, when legions of messianic friends push it on me? Well buddies, it’s my turn to proselytize. Younger Next Year is the best self-help book... read more

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Spending Our children’s inheritance

By BLAIR WILLIAMS Like most people, when I turned 70 I started thinking about my mortality. Given my family history I reckoned I probably have maybe 15 years to live, so it made sense to think about what I and my wife, Jeannie, might pack in to those years. Of course, we wanted to share... read more

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Listen up: Get over yourself

By BOB FOULKES Getting old is not for the weak, the fearful and the timid. Here’s one of the many reasons. I have had a hearing problem for a long time. Like everything at our age, it is gradual and progressive — nice talk for ‘it only gets worse’. It has become a big challenge... read more

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Why golf is better than sex

David Letterman’s Top Ten Reasons : 10. A below par performance is considered darn good. 9 . You can stop in the middle and have a cheeseburger and a couple of beers. 8. It’s much easier to find the sweet spot. 7. Foursomes are encouraged. 6. You can still make money doing it as a... read more

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Nine keys to aging well

By JONATHAN YOUNG There are some things that get better as we age. On our best days, we have a kind of grace. We are works-in-progress and even in later life new qualities surface. Some aspects are coming along faster than others. Other features come and go. In general, we can see certain emerging attitudes... read more

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Meditation: How to get started

This is the second of a two-part exploration of meditation. To read the first, Meditation: What’s in it for you, click here. By PIERRE ZAKARAUSKAS PhD Following the previous article Meditation: What’s in it for you, we go on now to how to start a meditation practice. The good news is that there are hundreds... read more

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Meditation: What’s in it for you

This is the first of a two-part exploration of meditation. To read the second part, Meditation: How to get started,click here. By PIERRE ZAKARAUSKAS PhD Curiosity is what brought me to meditation. I was busy, under stress, dissatisfied despite successes and wondering about those lofty mental states that, it was said, cannot be adequately described... read more

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Life is baseball. What inning are you in?

By BOB FOULKES Turning 60 was a milestone that couldn’t be ignored. Milestones are great; they offer a time to stop, reflect, take stock and do an accounting. They also offer an opportunity to look up and look around. If you pause long enough, you can consider the possibilities, the opportunities ahead. Am I healthy?... read more