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Walk or pilgrimage, it’s all one step at a time

By BOB FOULKES Two months ago, I walked the Camino Frances, a well tramped thousand-year-old Catholic pilgrimage trail, a stroll of about 800 kilometres, from St. Jean Pied de Port, France, to Santiago, Spain. Catholic pilgrims pay homage to Saint James whose bones are said to be buried in Santiago’s cathedral. The rest of us... read more

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Up and up and up: a trek to Everest Base Camp

By ZAHID MAKHDOOM Imagine a vacation where you must keep a military schedule: pack your complete “kit” by no later than 5:50 a.m., have your breakfast by 6 a.m. and then hit the “road” by 7 in order to get to some destination you may have read about in the tour books or may have... read more

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Free download: Adventures with Knives

Chapter 23: Elvis Has Left the Building a Changed Man Life always delivers what I call unintended consequences. We start out doing something with a set of expectations about what will happen and where we’ll end up, and, along the way, strange things happen. If our expectations are met, it’s usually merely a coincidence. The... read more

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Adventures with Knives – free download

Adventures with Knives Introduction A Taste for Adventure Every adventure has a high and a low – if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be an adventure. The low point of an adventure, the black hole, is dark and scary. You feel alone, and you want to go home. Something you ate has caused you to fear... read more

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Out of the comfort zone and into the richness

By BOB FOULKES Regardless of how worldly I think I am, I’m confronted with the fact that I’m not. There are two constraints in my life. The first is that, as I age, I suffer from what my friend calls a hardening of the attitudes. It concerns me. The second is equally alarming: I Iive... read more

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Rudeness on the rise: Where’s it coming from, and how can we deal with it?

  By BOB FOULKES Is it just me, or are there more rude people in the world today? I went to an afternoon movie on Saturday; we arrived early to get good seats. By the time the trailers started, the theatre was about one-third full. Sitting behind us and slightly to the right were three... read more

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Get out there and delay that gratification. You’ll be happy you did

  By BOB FOULKES There is an old saying that “once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, and three times is a pattern.” I observed three events this summer that happened so close together that I see a pattern emerging. Three people close to me voluntarily spent long periods of time, committed significant effort... read more

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You can plan your happiness — and it’s simple

  By BOB FOULKES I see my future whenever I drop into my local coffee shop: A man my age is there almost every time drinking coffee and doing the crossword in the local paper. We nod to each other. I’ve built a story about him, all conjecture, no verifiable evidence. The myth is this: ... read more

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10 keys to a great adventure

By BOB FOULKES I got hooked on adventure during an eight-day Outward Bound trek in the wilds of British Columbia north of Whistler. Since then I have completed a 77-km struggle along the Westcoast Trail on Vancouver Island, the 53-kilometre Chilkoot Trail in B.C., made famous by the Klondike Gold rush, and the 154-kilometre West... read more

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One half of the human race

By CONTRARIAN I remember my response when a friend asked whether I would be running the full marathon, or the half. “Halfs are for girls”, I said. I don’t really believe that, of course. The 21-kilometre half is probably my favourite distance: long enough to be challenging, short enough to run it fast. I mean,... read more