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Book your trip back to the land

By JOHN SWIFT Moving back to the land is a well-shared dream. We have many aspiring back-to-the-land types here at Some are horse people and you have to be a pretty positive personality to keep a horse. Others are students of the Under the Tuscan Sun school of literature. In these books, under relentlessly... read more

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Great ways to keep an eye on your money

By JOHN SWIFT Personal finances are like losing weight. You don’t get to cheat on the basics. As just as any weight control program tells you to weigh yourself every day, you have to keep track of your cash. Think about what you spend in a week … now recalculate honestly and include everything. Where... read more

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Business in the box and fishing wisdom

THINKING INSIDE THE BOX By KIRK CHEYFITZ Free Press, 2003 Hardcover, 272 pages Reviews by JOHN SWIFT For a generation, creative or lateral thinking, new ideas and unorthodox solutions to problems have become the subject of increasing attention, popularity, promotion and encouragement. New technologies and the resulting new methodologies and revolutionary tools to organize and... read more

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Listen, just say yes

By JOHN SWIFT At WisdomFishing, we embrace wackiness with a deep meaning. Thus we introduce Fuck, YES! A Guide to the Happy Acceptance of Everything by an unidentified author (possibly Tom Robbins) writing under the pen name of “Reverend Wing F. Wing M.D., Ph.D.,D.D.D.,L.L.D.,D.V.D and much much more.” A customer review of this book on... read more

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The ties that bond

By QUANTUM MERUIT A discussion of matrimony often quickly becomes a place where angels fear to tread. Feelings on the subject run deep. Individual experiences have cut roughly and deeply and there is no shortage of sensitive, barely healed scar tissue. We thought we’d take a look and it quickly became apparent that this was... read more

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Paying for fishing

WisdomFishing is going to take a regular look into the future, at the delicate subject of money. How do we pay for our fishing? We will have contributions from guest experts, books to review and suggestions to make about simple but profound approaches to personal finance. The orientation of these comments will be advice for... read more