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Free download: Adventures with Knives

Chapter 23: Elvis Has Left the Building a Changed Man Life always delivers what I call unintended consequences. We start out doing something with a set of expectations about what will happen and where we’ll end up, and, along the way, strange things happen. If our expectations are met, it’s usually merely a coincidence. The... read more

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Adventures with Knives – free download

Adventures with Knives Introduction A Taste for Adventure Every adventure has a high and a low – if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be an adventure. The low point of an adventure, the black hole, is dark and scary. You feel alone, and you want to go home. Something you ate has caused you to fear... read more

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Zealots of the Imperium

By BOB FOULKES I read an interesting book over the holidays, Imperium by Ryszard Kapuscinski (1932-2007), a controversial Polish writer who chronicled big political events around the world for decades. He was a journalist, a poet, a philosopher and a keen observer of the uses and abuses of power. Imperium, probably his most famous book,... read more

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Rudeness on the rise: Where’s it coming from, and how can we deal with it?

  By BOB FOULKES Is it just me, or are there more rude people in the world today? I went to an afternoon movie on Saturday; we arrived early to get good seats. By the time the trailers started, the theatre was about one-third full. Sitting behind us and slightly to the right were three... read more

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The quicksilver of democracy

Monitoring an election in Ukraine opens a Canadian’s eyes By BOB FOULKES A few weeks ago, two things happened to me independent of one another. I finally tracked down a book that I had been looking for and I went off to Ukraine for my second electoral observation mission. The book is called From Dictatorship... read more

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You can plan your happiness — and it’s simple

  By BOB FOULKES I see my future whenever I drop into my local coffee shop: A man my age is there almost every time drinking coffee and doing the crossword in the local paper. We nod to each other. I’ve built a story about him, all conjecture, no verifiable evidence. The myth is this: ... read more

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Warrior lit

By QUANTUM MERUIT If you long for a bold, exciting, active life where men are usually men, where good is good, where bad is bad and where smart, rough, direct action gets things done, a burgeoning world of great reading awaits you. Things may not have been more comfortable back then, but they were simpler.... read more

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Youthful advice

By BOB FOULKES The promise is brazenly broadcast across the canary yellow book in bold black letters’ you can’t miss it on the bookstore shelf. How could I ignore such a promise, when legions of messianic friends push it on me? Well buddies, it’s my turn to proselytize. Younger Next Year is the best self-help book... read more

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A dazzling look at Canada’s wildlife

Bill Keay is one of Canada’s best wildlife photographers — and judging  by a new book, that’s become a family tradition. Walk on the Wild Side is full of stories about a unique family of wildlife photographers: Bill, his wife, Wanda and their two daughters, Serena and Angela. “Come with us on our adventures, from... read more

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10 books every man should read

By IAN HAYSOM Chick-lit? What about Guy-lit? Must-reads for men. Men of a certain age, that is. Let’s, for the purposes of debate, define Guy-lit. Anything that isn’t Jane Austen (an expedition: go to the new British Library in London and see the permanent collection of manuscripts and musical scores. There on display is original... read more