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Mystic Mash: Looks like dog food, tastes like heaven

Another dish to die for from Wisdom Fishing’s in-house chef ZAHID MAKHDOOM The inspiration of this recipe comes from the reflections of a great 12th century Sufi saint Khawaja Muinuddin Chishti (pictured below), who is widely and rightfully credited for establishing the Chishtiya order of Sufi thought in the Sub-Continent of India. Deeply suspicious of... read more

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Free download: Adventures with Knives

Chapter 23: Elvis Has Left the Building a Changed Man Life always delivers what I call unintended consequences. We start out doing something with a set of expectations about what will happen and where we’ll end up, and, along the way, strange things happen. If our expectations are met, it’s usually merely a coincidence. The... read more

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Adventures with Knives – free download

Adventures with Knives Introduction A Taste for Adventure Every adventure has a high and a low – if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be an adventure. The low point of an adventure, the black hole, is dark and scary. You feel alone, and you want to go home. Something you ate has caused you to fear... read more

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Barbecue this, hotshot

Think you’re a grilling gorilla with your dinky little store-bought Weber? Well, man-up. Get out your tools and build yourself a real guy’s grill. read more

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Fishing wisdom, or: ‘Would it be possible to get a little crisp bacon and Drambuie on my oatmeal porridge?’

  By AL WIGGAN For those who have been introduced to this breakfast delight, it wouldn’t seem out of place asking such a question of a waiter in a five-star hotel in Cape Town or Edinburgh, but it did open the bleary eyes of my 6 a.m. companions at Peregrine Fishing Lodge in one of... read more

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Summer goes better with Beergaritas

By BOB McCASKILL Summer is supposed to be the season of entertaining al fresco, after a day in the sun, and it is good to be prepared, in case that should ever happen. So here is a summer cocktail that is quick and easy and guaranteed to refresh and rejuvenate your guests. Many women are... read more

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WisdomDishing with Chef Zahid

This is the first of an occasional series of offbeat, yet simple, recipes for your dining pleasure. It is written by offbeat, yet decidedly not simple, food and drink aficionado  Zahid Makhdoom, a bon vivant with a social conscience who lives in Vancouver.   An evening of camaraderie: some humble suggestions Inviting friends and loved... read more

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Don’t miss Lyon

By BOB FOULKES Last year, I rewarded myself for surviving the Tour de Mont Blanc, with a few days of R&R in Lyon. It was an apt choice, offering gastronomic indulgence and do-nothing hedonism after a tough eight day trek in the Alps. Lyon is France’s third largest city and has a reputation for gastronomy;... read more

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Christmas cake: Redemption of an icon

By BOB McCASKILL Christmas cake. Has any Christmas icon been as cruelly maligned and underappreciated? For generations it has appeared on lists of gifts not to give. I like the stuff. Never met a bad one. Well, seldom. I don’t cook, but I do make Christmas cake. (Me at the wheel, my wife driving.) Our... read more

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The Turducken holiday challenge

BY BOB FOULKES Want to enliven your holiday table and become a hosting hero? Meet the Turducken, a deboned chicken stuffed inside a deboned duck stuffed with a generous amount of dressing inside a deboned turkey, a recipe that goes back thousands of years to Roman times. For good reason, Turducken is much better than... read more