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A lesson in cherishing

By CAT WHEELER In contemporary western culture we can talk about anything. Sex, drugs, sex on the rug with drugs, PMS, bizarre fantasies, snoring … anything goes. Except that last taboo, the subject most people decline to acknowledge at all: our own mortality. Death is the last taboo in our culture. Most people don’t want... read more

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Chenda’s world is not like yours

By JOHN SKINNER The road to Chenda’s village is barely passable, bringing to mind a ride on a mechanical bull in a cowboy bar. The flood waters receded only days earlier after carving deep ruts that have our high-sprung pickup truck rolling and tumbling. Only the skill and patience of our driver, Vannak, keeps us... read more

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Riding shotgun

  By BOB FOULKES There comes a time for every guy to  — literally and metaphorically — put his son in the driver’s seat. I love road trips. Men in a car, a full tank of gas, the open road, driving music, roadside diners, no eye contact and no schedule. It is a formula celebrated... read more

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My Little Ponies

Two Canadian empty-nesters host a pair of  German teens, and a lot of old parental reflexes resurface By SCOTT SUDBECK It was a case of someone who knew someone who knew someone else and they wanted to see Canada. Emails were exchanged, dates were set and my wife and I became the hosts of two... read more

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Spending Our children’s inheritance

By BLAIR WILLIAMS Like most people, when I turned 70 I started thinking about my mortality. Given my family history I reckoned I probably have maybe 15 years to live, so it made sense to think about what I and my wife, Jeannie, might pack in to those years. Of course, we wanted to share... read more

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Why I collect things

By DAVID BOND My wife and I have come to that point where 335 square metres (3,600 square feet for the older folks) is proving too much to handle. But downsizing means getting rid of stuff, and that is where my habit of collecting things comes into conflict with practicality. During my working career I... read more

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Gift wars

By BOB FOULKES and JOHN SWIFT Budgetary restraint around the world has had many unintended consequences. The new frugality has resulted in an odd combination of rules, restraint, gift-giving, barely stifled competition and of tactics, strategy that make Survivor shows look like kindergarten play. Someone will tell you, with feigned sincerity, that there is a... read more


The wine box stocking

By QUANTUM MERUIT Having trouble finding a Christmas gift for your elderly parents? Around Christmas some years ago I engaged in the annual struggle to find something for my mid-80s mom and dad who had all they needed or wanted — and not a lot of space to keep it in, having moved from their... read more


Father of the bride

By JOHN SWIFT With this article, I want to celebrate, for just a few moments, to think about and to share the experience of being father of the bride. These thoughts may be interesting for others who are headed for this experience. They may also be interesting for those who are past this milestone. For... read more


Prepare to repel boarders!

By QUANTUM MERUIT They’re coming back. Just when you thought that you and the missus were in for an empty nest or at least a few quiet moments, you get the call. The truth is nearly 25 million adult children are living with their parents in the U.S. alone. A recent Canadian census showed that,... read more