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Fishing wisdom, or: ‘Would it be possible to get a little crisp bacon and Drambuie on my oatmeal porridge?’

  By AL WIGGAN For those who have been introduced to this breakfast delight, it wouldn’t seem out of place asking such a question of a waiter in a five-star hotel in Cape Town or Edinburgh, but it did open the bleary eyes of my 6 a.m. companions at Peregrine Fishing Lodge in one of... read more

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What’s an ethic?

By JOHN SWIFT Let’s face it, ethics have become increasingly hard to describe. Most people couldn’t define an ethic and often don’t recognize ethics when they bump into them. Increasingly we think about ethics in rule-bound situations. These are moments when a system of rules apply and essentially the ethical dilemma seems to be whether... read more

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A few lines on queueing

By QUANTUM MERUIT Questions of ethics are posed most squarely when the rules are vague or imprecise and the dilemma is evident. Confusion about applicable rules fosters cheating and encourages rationalizations. Ethicists say that, if the public is to co¬operate, accept difficult decisions and act ethically, the rules must be transparent and open in explaining... read more