About Wisdom Fishing

Welcome to WisdomFishing.com, an on-line magazine for men over 50. We’ve reinvented ourselves with a new look and fresh new content.

Going online has everyone here at WisdomFishing.com feeling a little like the Wright brothers must have felt with their first lift-off. We are elated about leaving the ground, and excited about what lies ahead.

Plenty of hard work. More uncertainty and a feeling that this should work. An experiment.

We hope that WisdomFishing.com will become many things, a place for boys over 50 to consider and discuss ideas and to share some wisdom, a source of ideas, a conversation about choices and experience for what lies ahead.

How are we going to lead our lives? As we take on new perspectives and new roles in new relationships, men over 50 encounter new challenges and novel alternatives for the quality of our lives and for living well. We face questions about paths taken and to be taken and about how to live without regrets.

Wisdom Fishing will be built on the premise that we have choices, that we can live the last third or our lives in many ways. But for each us and, possibly more significantly, for others there are things we can do or say, attitudes we can share that can improve everything.

Articles in future issues will address topics and issues, not so much about “how to” but about “why?” Nova Scotia Duck Tollers will give us insight into what makes something extraordinary. Women will tell us about how we are perceived and we will consider how we are to relate to them.

Issues from family life will present demands, questions and precedents for the future. Examples from your and our Bucket List will look at the choices we make and we will hope to see what we can learn about what we think we have missed and why. Stories will fit onto the Features list  you’ll see on the right-hand side of the page.

Odd choices? Maybe. We’ll see what you think. Wisdom Fishing.com is not an encyclopedia but An Incompleat Angler, looking at chosen topics that we like. The magazine will explore a wide variety of topics in the hope of  identifying common themes, questions, approaches and answers, in other words, wisdom.

We hope you’ll join us, join in and tell us what you think.


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