Summer is supposed to be the season of entertaining al fresco, after a day in the sun, and it is good to be prepared, in case that should ever happen.

So here is a summer cocktail that is quick and easy and guaranteed to refresh and rejuvenate your guests.

Many women are not fond of beer, and most mature adults will give tequila a wide berth. But they will all be happy to have made an exception for a Beergarita, and will thank you for the opportunity.

It goes like this:

Dump one can of limeade into a large pitcher. Refill the can with tequila, and add the tequila to the pitcher. Add three Coronas to the pitcher. Pour the mix onto ice in a blender. Blend. Pour into chilled tumblers. Garnish with lime slices. Serve.

Very refreshing and very tasty. Nothing like tequila and not much like beer. Delicious and deceptively easy to drink.

Exculpatory caution: These do not taste like much alcohol and on a hot day, folks may want more thirst- quenching than is wise with this beverage. Especially on a hot day. This can lead to displays of poor judgement (“I look better naked”), which, while possibly entertaining to others, may result, if remembered at all, in sensations of regret, and humiliation, and possibly a headache.

A good host will ration this cocktail conservatively and move his guests on to more familiar libations. (Some might tinker with the tequila input, or utilize low alcohol beer, but this kind of meddling cannot be condoned.)


  • 1 can limeade
  • 1 can tequila (Jose Cuervo is fine)
  • 3 Coronas
  • limes

You can remember that.

Happy summer.