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Barbecue this, hotshot

Think you’re a grilling gorilla with your dinky little store-bought Weber? Well, man-up. Get out your tools and build yourself a real guy’s grill. read more

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Fishing wisdom, or: ‘Would it be possible to get a little crisp bacon and Drambuie on my oatmeal porridge?’

  By AL WIGGAN For those who have been introduced to this breakfast delight, it wouldn’t seem out of place asking such a question of a waiter in a five-star hotel in Cape Town or Edinburgh, but it did open the bleary eyes of my 6 a.m. companions at Peregrine Fishing Lodge in one of... read more

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The curious alchemy of creativity

  By BOB FOULKES My son and I were recently invited to attend a table read for an episode of The Simpsons, the iconic, first-ever animated, prime-time television series that follows the fortunes and follies of the Simpson family. The Simpsons has redefined television success. Launched in 1989, it is the longest running series ever... read more

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Summer goes better with Beergaritas

By BOB McCASKILL Summer is supposed to be the season of entertaining al fresco, after a day in the sun, and it is good to be prepared, in case that should ever happen. So here is a summer cocktail that is quick and easy and guaranteed to refresh and rejuvenate your guests. Many women are... read more