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Bucket List | Wheels

Motorcycles: Get your motor runnin’

Took a look down a west bound road, Right away I made my choice; Headed out to my big two wheeler- I was tired of my own voice. Took a bead on the Northern plains And just rolled that power on… Bob Seger, Roll Me Away  By JOHN SKINNER The bear was scrawny and probably... read more


The writing’s off-the-wall

Sometimes you just need a laugh, free of deep meaning or any other intellectual baggage (or, dare we say it, wisdom). With that in mind, WisdomFishing introduces a new category: Frivolity. Here are some signs of the times.   read more

Tackle & Gear | Technology

Not a handyman? Here’s how to fake it

By AL WIGGAN I’ve always had a little pang of envy when I go past the coffee shop in the morning and see the parking lot filled with construction guys’ pickup trucks. Even in the winter they sit around the outdoor picnic tables and lean against their vehicles in easy conversation, steam rising from the... read more

Bucket List | Travel

A mountain adventure in Europe

  By BOB FOULKES I like adventures because they take me out of my comfort zone, and they force me into a challenge that mixes fear with hope. My latest adventure is an eight-day trek called the Tour de Mont Blanc, an iconic 135-km trail through France, Italy and Switzerland around the Mont Blanc massif... read more


A lesson in cherishing

By CAT WHEELER In contemporary western culture we can talk about anything. Sex, drugs, sex on the rug with drugs, PMS, bizarre fantasies, snoring … anything goes. Except that last taboo, the subject most people decline to acknowledge at all: our own mortality. Death is the last taboo in our culture. Most people don’t want... read more

Food & Drink

WisdomDishing with Chef Zahid

This is the first of an occasional series of offbeat, yet simple, recipes for your dining pleasure. It is written by offbeat, yet decidedly not simple, food and drink aficionado  Zahid Makhdoom, a bon vivant with a social conscience who lives in Vancouver.   An evening of camaraderie: some humble suggestions Inviting friends and loved... read more