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From us to you (part 2)

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Youthful advice

By BOB FOULKES The promise is brazenly broadcast across the canary yellow book in bold black letters’ you can’t miss it on the bookstore shelf. How could I ignore such a promise, when legions of messianic friends push it on me? Well buddies, it’s my turn to proselytize. Younger Next Year is the best self-help book... read more

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My Little Ponies

Two Canadian empty-nesters host a pair of  German teens, and a lot of old parental reflexes resurface By SCOTT SUDBECK It was a case of someone who knew someone who knew someone else and they wanted to see Canada. Emails were exchanged, dates were set and my wife and I became the hosts of two... read more

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Spending Our children’s inheritance

By BLAIR WILLIAMS Like most people, when I turned 70 I started thinking about my mortality. Given my family history I reckoned I probably have maybe 15 years to live, so it made sense to think about what I and my wife, Jeannie, might pack in to those years. Of course, we wanted to share... read more

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Revive your rock-star dream for under $2,000

By JEFF SKINNER Retiring soon? Or maybe you’re already there? After finance, the biggest issue people in face in retirement is what to do with all that new free time. If you’re like most retirees of my Dad’s generation you’ll read the paper, play golf and spend the rest of the day hanging around the... read more

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Why I collect things

By DAVID BOND My wife and I have come to that point where 335 square metres (3,600 square feet for the older folks) is proving too much to handle. But downsizing means getting rid of stuff, and that is where my habit of collecting things comes into conflict with practicality. During my working career I... read more

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Don’t miss Lyon

By BOB FOULKES Last year, I rewarded myself for surviving the Tour de Mont Blanc, with a few days of R&R in Lyon. It was an apt choice, offering gastronomic indulgence and do-nothing hedonism after a tough eight day trek in the Alps. Lyon is France’s third largest city and has a reputation for gastronomy;... read more


From us to you

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At WisdomFishing we love quotes and we like Christmas as much as the next guy. But we also believe in maintaining a perspective. With that in mind, here are some antidotes for when you’re feeling  just too darn candy-cane-sugar-plum-over-the-top joyous. Use sparingly, lest you are visited by strange ghosts from the past.   Oh look,... read more

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Christmas cake: Redemption of an icon

By BOB McCASKILL Christmas cake. Has any Christmas icon been as cruelly maligned and underappreciated? For generations it has appeared on lists of gifts not to give. I like the stuff. Never met a bad one. Well, seldom. I don’t cook, but I do make Christmas cake. (Me at the wheel, my wife driving.) Our... read more