WisdomFishing.com is back in business! Thank you for your encouragement, support and advice as we have moved through the refit.

We’ve got  new features, new faces and new voices, plus a wealth of archived articles from our previous incarnation. WisdomFishing.com is becoming a table of regulars from the neighborhood coffee shop, a long conversation with old friends, a walk in the woods with a buddy, a campfire shared by boys being boys, all of whom who like to think and talk.

Mark Twain put it “Anyone looking for lessons here will be shot” but in spite of ourselves, we may well learn some useful stuff through sharing experiences.

We have a new team: the Editorial Board. We bring different perspectives, backgrounds and approaches, sharing an interest in learning, diversity and discussion.

Fortunately, one of us actually knows something about publishing. John Skinner was an editor at The Vancouver Sun, British Columbia’s largest daily newspaper. He is in charge of commas, paragraphs and content (and the rest of us); he provides adult supervision at WisdomFishing. (Ed. note: If I’m the adult here, we’re all in trouble)

Bob McCaskill drives a 1949 Chevrolet 5 window pick-up truck and messes with boats and chainsaws. He’s also something of a nit-picker. Could there be better qualifications?

Bob Foulkes, is a writer and communications consultant. He runs, swims, walks and road bikes — all slowly — for fun. He’s published his first book, Adventures with Knives.  Blessed with a short attention span, he’s always looking for new adventures.

Finally, there’s John Swift, the original Chairman of the Board, writer, office boy and janitor here at the World Headquarters. Simply a guy looking at many things and hoping to learn about more.

How are we going to lead our lives?

We have choices: We can live the last third of our lives in many ways. Men over 50 encounter new challenges and novel opportunities; paths taken, paths not taken and paths to be taken. WisdomFishing.com will be about choices and about how to live without regrets.

We welcome your participation in Wisdom Fishing. If you want to submit an article, we have some guidelines posted on the site. Money will not be a barrier since we offer none to any aspiring contributor.

We hope you will forward our website www.wisdomfishing.com to all your friends over 50, to your father, your brother or, if you are of the female persuasion, to those men in your life who could use more wit and wisdom in their lives. Better still, sign them up by yourself; they will thank you later.

Jonathan Swift said (something like), “Wisdom is the art of seeing the invisible.”

We hope you will join us in seeing, celebrating and grappling with the invisible.

All the best,

The WisdomFishing.com Editorial Board

Bob Foulkes, Bob McCaskill, John Skinner, John Swift