Well, no, we’re not. Just give it a try.

In the early ’90s Herman Miller decided to try a new approach to designing the perfect office chair. The Aeron chair is the result of two decades of research into the phenomenon of sitting by industrial designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick who worked with no ground rules and who harboured no preconceived notions.

The process of developing and marketing was unconventional, to say the least. The design and development process featured visits to the facility managers of Fortune 500 companies, with full-size prototypes. The chair was developed like software — trying an idea, testing it, getting feedback, making refinements, and testing it again. The chair made its first appearance in 1994 and it began a revolution in office furniture.

Featured in the New York Museum of Modern Art, on permanent exhibit, the chair was based on the premise that there are no straight lines on our bodies and therefore there would be none in an Aeron chair. Stumpf and Chadwick addressed sitting in the minutest detail, looking at body type and size, aeration, hip-pivot motion, weight distribution, circulation, and spinal decompression.

With as many functions as a Swiss army knife the chair works. PostureFit, the Kinemat tilt and Pellicle suspension were entirely new technologies invented with the chair.

PostureFit offers responsive, ergonomic support for posture and the lower back. Pellicle suspension is provided by a flexible mesh found on the seat and back of the chair, where the upholstery would usually be.

Pellicle suspends your weight over the chair, taking most of the pressure away from your lower back. The Pellicle is also form-fitting, as it adjusts to individual users, and cool, as the Pellicle mesh allows air to pass through.Thoroughly tested for every imaginable stress factor, the Pellicle distributes body weight so evenly that it produces a floating sensation.

The Kinemat tilt allows smooth transitional movement of the chair when the person sitting in it leans forward or reclines, and supports your posture. You will notice how long you can sit comfortably.

The Aeron Chair is also designed to follow your body’s natural stances and movements — adjustable foot rests that move with the seat as it goes up and down, the arm rests slope forward to relieve stress from the forearms, the seat has a waterfall-sloped edge to promote circulation in the thighs, among others. These breakthroughs have been tested by several ergonomists, physical therapists and orthopedists and their findings helped develop and refine the Aeron chair into the ingeniously comfy chair it is today.

And this will almost seem like overkill. Not only ergonomically correct, the chair is environmentally responsible. It is made of recycled material, and designed to be sturdy and durable. While there are parts of the chair that may wear out in time, these parts are easily replaceable and recyclable as well.

The Aeron chair also comes in three sizes, A, B, and C, ensuring that the chair is a specific fit .

The size selection chart below shows how to select the most appropriate Aeron chair, you simply need to consider your weight and your height and then consult the graph to determine which Aeron is best for you.