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Father of the bride

By JOHN SWIFT With this article, I want to celebrate, for just a few moments, to think about and to share the experience of being father of the bride. These thoughts may be interesting for others who are headed for this experience. They may also be interesting for those who are past this milestone. For... read more

Catch & Release

What’s an ethic?

By JOHN SWIFT Let’s face it, ethics have become increasingly hard to describe. Most people couldn’t define an ethic and often don’t recognize ethics when they bump into them. Increasingly we think about ethics in rule-bound situations. These are moments when a system of rules apply and essentially the ethical dilemma seems to be whether... read more


Wisdom, work and your future

By QUANTUM MERUIT Better health, increasing freedom, higher costs of housing, health care and for some of college, the scaling back of pensions and the uncertain future of social security, changing definitions of family responsibility and expectations, poor saving habits, lifting restrictions on age and retirement rules, fewer jobs and more independent contracting (we could... read more

Tackle & Gear

$1,000 for a desk chair? Are you kidding?

Well, no, we’re not. Just give it a try. In the early ’90s Herman Miller decided to try a new approach to designing the perfect office chair. The Aeron chair is the result of two decades of research into the phenomenon of sitting by industrial designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick who worked with no... read more

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Great ways to keep an eye on your money

By JOHN SWIFT Personal finances are like losing weight. You don’t get to cheat on the basics. As just as any weight control program tells you to weigh yourself every day, you have to keep track of your cash. Think about what you spend in a week … now recalculate honestly and include everything. Where... read more