We were talking about The editor, whose wife is a good friend (not too sure about him), said , “So Bridgette why not write a few words to the wise about how men over 50 should deal with women.” Why not? I thought. If I can help…

So, gentlemen, this column is for you. A few thoughts for relating to women, wives, dates and friends.

Guys over 50, you have a lot going for you. You have so many competitive edges over younger men in the dating world. So don’t worry if your abs are no longer a sixpack, or your hair is a little greyer or a little thinner than in the glory days. Here are a few examples of things I appreciate about older men.

You guys have old school charm. You aren’t afraid to compliment a woman or notice when we make an extra effort to look good. Let’s be clear: Women are always dressing for men. Women want to be noticed. We want to be appreciated for our brains, but we also want to drive you crazy with our sex appeal.

So be chivalrous. Even modern, successful women like to have doors opened for them, help putting their baggage in the overhead compartment, and men who walk on the traffic side of the sidewalk as a precaution. If you really want to blow her away, stand and help her with her chair when she leaves the dinner table. Trust me, none of these gestures are seen as patronizing by most women I know.

And compliment her. Make it genuine. If you like the way she looks in a particular outfit, tell her she looks great. If you like her shoes, bracelet, perfume, whatever you happen to notice, tell her.

Your life experiences make you way more interesting than those of young guys. You have seen more of the world, lived more of life, learned how to appreciate the little things, and generally have a more sophisticated outlook. You don’t over-react when we are a little over-dramatic, and you are more laid back than your 20-, 30- and 40-something compatriots.

Open up every once in a while. You don’t have to spill your guts in every conversation, but once in a while, you should let your guard down and have a genuine conversation, vulnerabilities and all, with a woman. It will be scary and revealing, and she will probably return the favor in ways you never imagined.

Don’t talk about yourself the whole time you are with her. Be sure you spend some time learning about her, what she likes, what she fears, what amuses her. If you are insecure and you fill the silences trying to impress her, it will likely have the opposite effect.

You know what you want. Older guys are less likely to play odd games with women. You have been through enough to know that its more fun just to be open and honest and let the chips fall where they may.

Be yourself. Most people just want to experience a real connection with the person they are dating. So that requires guys to stop trying so hard to impress women, and just be who they are. A little bit of sincerity goes a long way.

And be respectful. Don’t ogle other women in your date’s presence. Don’t talk disparagingly about your various exes. Try to be respectful of women in a very male way (not a creepy, want to jump in your pants way).

Don’t be intimidated by successful career women. Don’t worry if she makes more money or has a more impressive job title than you do. She’s just looking for companionship and is not in competition with you for the more impressive resume.

Take your time. Younger guys today often want instant communication. Instant gratification. Sex right on the second date. Sex in the first five minutes of an evening.

Older guys are masters at courtship. You understand the power of anticipation. Even if a younger woman is rushing to get in your pants, you know how to make her wait,  just a bit. Long dinners, slow dances, lots of kissing makes for much more intimate connection in the long run.

Laugh a lot. Make her laugh. It is the sexiest, most intimate thing you can do on a date.

You are able to convince us that you appreciate more than just our sexuality. You like our wit, our humor, our insights — all of which we realize attract you — not just our low-cut tank tops. In other words, you older guys like the whole package — contents and all — not just the wrapping.

I don’t believe I should have to say this … but I do. Leave the BlackBerry or the iPhone alone and when on a date leave it at home. It’s not an icon of power. It’s just an accessory, like a belt or shoes or a wallet.

Now, once you are home, you may want to send a text message just to say how much you enjoyed the time together. Flirting over email is the new frontier for digital age. Be careful what you write and don’t write anything you would be embarrassed to see in the newspaper.

Even better, write it down. The art of the love letter is becoming lost. Don’t just email the occasional racy thought, write a card or, better yet, a love letter. Put a stamp on it. Use the old fashioned mail. She will love it. It’s so old-school and charming.

So the next time you are feeling a little insecure about your competition in the dating world from younger guys … just consider all the attributes that come with having a few extra years.

* “Bridgette Boisvert” is a nom de plume designed to protect the innocent, although her qualifications are suspect.