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The iPod is more than you think it is

  BY JOHN SWIFT Τhe iPod is many things. A marvel of design and of engineering. For the entertainment industry  a commercial and continuing earthquake. A game- and habit-hanging bundle of inventions. A portable private universe and  cocoon and, finally, at once a portal for and a symbol of the digitization of life. One day... read more

Charts | Working

Thinking about running for office?

You want to serve your country (or province or state or city), but you’ve read about the sacrifices involved — to your personal and family life and possibly your income. But those are only some of the issues. Take a deep breath, ask yourself why you want to do this and follow our handy chart.... read more

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How to meet women

You want to meet someone, but what to do? Where to go? We’re long past the jittery meet-market ambiance of bars and clubs. That old standby, place of worship, attracts fewer of us all the time. What’s a guy to do? Here’s a handy chart to simplify your quest, “simplify” being a relative term. read more

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How to appeal to women

By BRIDGETTE BOISVERT* We were talking about The editor, whose wife is a good friend (not too sure about him), said , “So Bridgette why not write a few words to the wise about how men over 50 should deal with women.” Why not? I thought. If I can help… So, gentlemen, this column... read more

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Business in the box and fishing wisdom

THINKING INSIDE THE BOX By KIRK CHEYFITZ Free Press, 2003 Hardcover, 272 pages Reviews by JOHN SWIFT For a generation, creative or lateral thinking, new ideas and unorthodox solutions to problems have become the subject of increasing attention, popularity, promotion and encouragement. New technologies and the resulting new methodologies and revolutionary tools to organize and... read more

Catch & Release

A few lines on queueing

By QUANTUM MERUIT Questions of ethics are posed most squarely when the rules are vague or imprecise and the dilemma is evident. Confusion about applicable rules fosters cheating and encourages rationalizations. Ethicists say that, if the public is to co¬operate, accept difficult decisions and act ethically, the rules must be transparent and open in explaining... read more


Prepare to repel boarders!

By QUANTUM MERUIT They’re coming back. Just when you thought that you and the missus were in for an empty nest or at least a few quiet moments, you get the call. The truth is nearly 25 million adult children are living with their parents in the U.S. alone. A recent Canadian census showed that,... read more


It’s a grand Grand Canyon

By BOB FOULKES The Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders of the world on most people’s lists, not least for the reason that it’s been daring people to do strange things for hundreds of years. In 1540 a reconnaissance under the command of Garcia Lopez de Cardenas, a subordinate of Francisco Vasquez de... read more