For many of us there is no end in sight. Many men over 50 are planning to work longer or more actively than in previous years. A precipitous drop in the value of savings, longer and healthier life spans, a need for things to do, for careers that at once define and focus us and a pending labor shortage are all keeping us on the job.

How will the working universe respond to this? How will we?

Let’s look ahead.

The Chart, which suggests the diversity of issues we may encounter in the workplace, is borrowed from a very interesting book entitled The Elements of Internet Style, written by the Editors of EEI Press ( It is an excellent and useful book.

Following the Series we will look at ways that men are extending their working careers other than by going to work for full days in a five day week. Wisdom Fishing’s Working Feature will look at becoming a part-time contractor and at changing jobs, at on-line working and at selling wisdom.

We have already been asked for articles on working with a younger or female boss, workplace etiquette and for ideas for part-time retirement planning.

We hope readers will share with us the adjustments they have had to make and the working experiences they are having.

Who are we going to be as we move forward in the working world?


Comparative mindsets of living generations
Veterans & the “Silent Generation”: born 1901-1942
Baby Boomers: born 1943-1960
Generation X: born 1961-1980
Millennials: born 1981-2002