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By QUANTUM MERUIT For many of us there is no end in sight. Many men over 50 are planning to work longer or more actively than in previous years. A precipitous drop in the value of savings, longer and healthier life spans, a need for things to do, for careers that at once define and... read more

Bucket List

Face to face with the inexplicable

By QUANTUM MERUIT Experiences suggested by readers for the Bucket List are almost always intense and overwhelming physical or intellectual confrontations. Such suggestions humble and intimidate readers. Dropping earthward with an unopened parachute tends to focus the mind to the exclusion of everything. Other suggestions propose equally intense challenges; not as physically overwhelming but intellectually... read more


He’s playing our song

By JOHN SWIFT If on-line magazines had a soundtrack or a theme song, Louis Armstrong would provide ours.  A fine example of a certain style of songs from Armstrong’s repertoire, the song Home Fires provides an experience of eccentricity and of being at home physically, mentally and spiritually that we like very much, here at... read more


Early retirement: Refuse the first offer

By ROBERT DECARY Early retirement can be a new beginning if you give yourself a chance; disappear for six months Never swing at the first pitch and refuse, on principle, the first offer that’s made to you, unless the first offer is so unexpected and leads you into such a totally uncharted territory as to... read more

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Listen, just say yes

By JOHN SWIFT At WisdomFishing, we embrace wackiness with a deep meaning. Thus we introduce Fuck, YES! A Guide to the Happy Acceptance of Everything by an unidentified author (possibly Tom Robbins) writing under the pen name of “Reverend Wing F. Wing M.D., Ph.D.,D.D.D.,L.L.D.,D.V.D and much much more.” A customer review of this book on... read more

Health & Fitness

Meditation: How to get started

This is the second of a two-part exploration of meditation. To read the first, Meditation: What’s in it for you, click here. By PIERRE ZAKARAUSKAS PhD Following the previous article Meditation: What’s in it for you, we go on now to how to start a meditation practice. The good news is that there are hundreds... read more

Health & Fitness

Meditation: What’s in it for you

This is the first of a two-part exploration of meditation. To read the second part, Meditation: How to get started,click here. By PIERRE ZAKARAUSKAS PhD Curiosity is what brought me to meditation. I was busy, under stress, dissatisfied despite successes and wondering about those lofty mental states that, it was said, cannot be adequately described... read more