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A fine and loyal friend

  By QUANTUM MERUIT Here’s what it says on-line: “The Toller is highly intelligent, alert, outgoing, loving, and ready for action, though not to the point of nervousness or hyperactivity. It is affectionate with family members and is good with children, showing patience. Some individuals may display reserved behavior in new situations, but this is... read more



So what do you expect? What does she expect? 50 years of disruption in the norms embodied in our attitudes toward women and concerning our intimate relationships with them have left a legacy of chaos. Most of us are old enough to remember times of consensus when there were widely acknowledged rules for dating and... read more


Can we talk? Sure, just follow these rules

If we’re going to have a conversation, we need to understand how the opposite-gendered person across the table (or in the passenger seat) thinks. Bob Foulkes and Bridgette Boisvert tell us how to make it work with a few simple rules and some incisive observations about what men and women need. It’s simple, sort of.... read more


A dramatic look into the future

Every once in a while we get a glimpse at what lies ahead. Sometimes we encounter a prototype. Sometimes a friend or colleague shows us a new state-of-the-art product. Occasionally you may meet someone doing something in a new way. Many of us are old enough that we can remember when people started to send... read more

Health & Fitness

Life is baseball. What inning are you in?

By BOB FOULKES Turning 60 was a milestone that couldn’t be ignored. Milestones are great; they offer a time to stop, reflect, take stock and do an accounting. They also offer an opportunity to look up and look around. If you pause long enough, you can consider the possibilities, the opportunities ahead. Am I healthy?... read more

Family | Guides & Books

The ties that bond

By QUANTUM MERUIT A discussion of matrimony often quickly becomes a place where angels fear to tread. Feelings on the subject run deep. Individual experiences have cut roughly and deeply and there is no shortage of sensitive, barely healed scar tissue. We thought we’d take a look and it quickly became apparent that this was... read more