WisdomFishing is going to take a regular look into the future, at the delicate subject of money. How do we pay for our fishing? We will have contributions from guest experts, books to review and suggestions to make about simple but profound approaches to personal finance. The orientation of these comments will be advice for men over 50. We will look at issues of particular concerns to our readers we approach, pass or avoid retirement.

As a start,  here are two books that will form the basis of WisdomFishing.com’s approach to personal finance.

Your Money or Your Life,  by Vicki Robin, attempts to shift your perception on money, by converting money into a measure of the effort it takes for you to earn the amount in question. A sobering approach. In future articles we will look at the nine steps proposed. They are:

  •  Making Peace with the Past. Gather up your assets and liabilities and take an inventory of your finances.
  • Determining What You Really Earn. Gross income less incurred expenses. This can be an eye-opener.
  • Where Is It All Going? Start tracking your income and expenses each month.
  • Questions of “Worth.” Are expenses and things worth what you have to achieve to buy them?
  • Making Your Financial Life Visible using a chart to see how you are really doing, month by month.
  • Minimizing Spending. It’s not what you make, it’s what you spend.
  • Maximizing Income. What can you do for a living, differently?
  • Planning With Goals. Setting goals and learning what you must do to achieve them.
  • Managing Your Finances. Looking at tools and investment vehicles.

There is a good introductory video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1-jumg5hzc

Presenting a different perspective is The Secret Language of Money, by David Krueger and John David Mann, a step-by-step operating manual that will make you fluent in that language. It will illuminate money narratives and mentor rewriting an informed, strategic, and successful money story. That money story permeates every aspect of our lives, and is one that consciously or not, we will use in almost every aspect of our lives. This book is a Michelin guidebook for your relationship with money.

It will help you:

  •  Decipher the secret language encrypted in money.
  • Move from fear of money to mastery.
  • Identify the self-statements made with money behaviors.
  • Recognize money behaviors ghostwritten by your mind’s hidden assumptions.
  • Overcome your brain’s patterned responses that lead to bad decisions.
  • Develop the art and science of money strategies.
  • Illuminate options and map possibilities.

There is a good introductory video book at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay96FP7bVoQ