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Tennis, anyone?

Sometimes all you can do is laugh. Good news! From By JENNY HOPE Having an active sex life in their 50s could protect men against prostate cancer, say researchers. But greater levels of sexual activity among men in their 20s could increase their chances of developing the disease in later life, they warn. (Now... read more

Bucket List

Starry nights and northern lights

By QUANTUM MERUIT Some would say that a Bucket List is for things that you have not done. We disagree. Going back to a special moment in our lives, something or somewhere (but probably not to someone) of memorable and personal significance deserves a place on the list. For many, one such place would be... read more

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Paying for fishing

WisdomFishing is going to take a regular look into the future, at the delicate subject of money. How do we pay for our fishing? We will have contributions from guest experts, books to review and suggestions to make about simple but profound approaches to personal finance. The orientation of these comments will be advice for... read more